Welcome to Ucraft, a drag and drop website builder that makes it possible for everyone to create awesome sites for their personal brands & businesses. No coding or designer skills needed, just love for what you do!

Before you get started with Ucraft we kindly recommend watching this Introductory Video Tutorial or scrolling down for the step by step guide to master the tool in 10 minutes!

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Hit the 'Start Crafting' button on our Homepage 
  2. Choose your website type: Free Website or eCommerce Website : Pro Website, Pro Shop or BigCommerce.                 

3. Make sure to scroll down and check out all the plans and their features.

4. Find a designer template that suits your needs. Keep in mind, you can further edit and style it the way you want.
5. Add a subdomain name like yoursitename.ucraft.net.

!Note: Ucraft provides you with a free .ucraft.net subdomain, but you can later connect your custom domain for free or purchase a new one from your Domain App and have your branded domain like yoursitename.com.

6. If you're totally new to Ucraft, you should 'Sign Up' for free by using your Facebook or Google accounts, or simply by entering your Email/Password to the appropriate fields. While if you already have a Ucraft account, opt for 'Sign In' and follow the on-screen instructions

Once you're done with the above mentioned steps, the system will automatically generate your website and you'll be redirected to your website's Edit Mode.

* Edit Mode URL example: yoursitename.ucraft.net/edit

The live version will be already accessible (with the preselected template) to the public via your Public Mode URL, which you can share on social networks, send to your friends directly or even submit to Google Search:

* Public ModeURL example: yoursitename.ucraft.net

All set for you to get started!

You'll notice the Crafting Area divided into three core parts of the website or Blocks: header, body and footer along with the Left Panel with all the tools necessary to create your site.

!Note: Ucraft is not being tested on IE, so we don't guarantee a 100% website performance on this browser.

We highly recommend switching to Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. to avoid any technical issues.

Continue reading to learn more about the Edit Mode and make the most of it.

> Continue reading: Basics of Edit Mode


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