If you are a picky crafter who wants to have every single button and field modified according to your taste, this tool is definitely for you!

It's used to manage all the Buttons and Fields on your website. You can find it by clicking the Designer Tools icon on your Dashboard.

To let the magic work, go to the 'UI Kit' section to start making the changes.

Here and now, you can create a new button by simply hitting the 'New Button' option.

The tool also enables editing the Button Texts from the bar on the right.
Let's check out how it works.

Choose the desired Font Family from the dropdown menu or move the pointers to change Font Size, Weight and Letter Spacing.

You may change the Border Radius and Width simply by clicking the Borders and moving the pointers accordingly. If the lock is open, you'll get to change every corner separately. While when it's closed, all corners are changed simultaneously.

You'll also find options to set the Height, Width and Padding of the button using the Sizes Arrow pointers respectively.

Please mind the position of the locks here!

What about the colors? If you want to change the Background, Border and Text Colors, you can do that with ease using the Colors tool.

All you need to do is choose the desired option and pick the color shade and opacity level you prefer from the color palette.

Same with the Hover Colors, cool right? Check it out in action:

Be it a 'Buy now' or 'Book an appointment', here are some bonus tips you should consider to cross 'Create powerful CTAs' off your to-do list!

 • The text on the Buttons should be short and comprehensive.

• Make sure to leave some text around the Buttons to visually emphasize it.

• When picking the color, mind that it stands out from the page's
color theme and is vivid enough to be noticed, and yes, it should also match the overall look and feel of your website!

What's up next?

You can also make use of the UI Kit section to customize all the fields of the Forms on your website to make them match the buttons in design and color and to complete your website's overall look.

You can set the Label/ Text font size the Form and Subscription elements throughout your whole website along with the Borders and Paddings using the controllers.

It's a piece of cake to customize the field Margins and Height as well as choosing the Color and Alignment.
You're the one to set the rules here and they will apply on all the Buttons and Fields.

That's it. As you're reading this, though, our enthusiastic team is already working on implementing new great features to make your experience with Ucraft better, so stay tuned!

Make the most out of the options available to create powerful CTAs and an intuitive website navigation that also looks good. Mind the form fields as well to create a more balanced and professional impression.

Don't miss the Typography and Layout sections to improve your website overall design and make it stand out in style.

Remember that we're never more than a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat Box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be there to help you along the way!

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