Text elements play an important role not just in your SEO,  but also the visiual impact that is left on your site visitors. 

Here is where the Typography tool from the Designer Tools App can be really helpful. It is aimed to enable editing the style and size of the text elements throughout the whole site.

Simply go to your Dashboard → Designer Tools App → Typography Section. 

Here, you can modify the text gradation, the font, its size and weight, line height, letter spacing and color. 

To change the text gradation, click the 'Arrow' and choose the appropriate ratio from the dropdown menu.

To change the font, push the 'Arrow' and choose the desired font again from the dropdown menu. 

Simply move the pointers to change the font size, weight, height and the letter spacing. Click '+' to change the color of the text element.

You can also change the link color along with the link color on hover. 

Move the pointers to select the desired Color Shades and Opacity level.

If you want to change every text element separately, choose one of the heading options on the left and make the changes accordingly. Use the scroll to see all the options available.

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