The Versioning function is handy for those who like experimenting with different website versions and have a custom domain connected to their websites.

To enable this Versioning for your website, navigate to the Dashboard from the Left Panel and turn on the Site Versioning located in the Basic Site Settings. Once you've saved these changes, the Publishing section will appear on the Left Panel. 

At that time, the latest version of your website will be automatically published to your custom domain, and the version number will appear next to the domain name and change accordingly with every version on the Publishing section. The badge will become active.

The changes made in the Edit Mode automatically go live on your Ucraft subdomain, so it always shows the latest version of your website. This is helpful when testing before pushing the version live. If you want to reflect the changes you have made on your Custom Domain, click Publish button.

Another function, which is available in the Publishing Section, is Site Caching.
Read more on how to enable Caching for your website.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support, 24/7.

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