Let us introduce you to the Templates App, a practical app that allows you to reset your current template or switch to a new one in case you want to start everything over.
To get the things rolling, simply move to the Templates App on your Dashboard and choose the desired option!
Let's say, you've found a new template that you think fits your website vision better. What if we say you can switch to that one in no time at all?
Just hover over the desired template and click 'Switch'.

Mind here, whether you want to keep your current website's content and replace the website Styling, like Typography, UiKit and Layout or change the template completely.

Note: You can only switch to a new template only with your current website package and the App is not available for our online shop packages; Pro Website, Pro Shop and Unlimited Shop packages.

What about retrieving the original template and starting building your site all over again with a single click? Click 'Reset' and confirm your decision. Simple as that!

All the data you’ve modified will be reset to the template’s default and give you a chance to begin the creative process right from the start.

That's it! Make sure to choose the best template to represent your business in a bright light and don't hesitate to let us know if you need any advice from our team by droping us a line via Chat box in the lower right corner!

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