In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the essentials of every Ucraft website. 

As mentioned in the previous article, your site's URL is going to be the subdomain you chose with a /edit at the end. 


Before you get started, we highly recommend watching this step-by-step video guide that showcases how to edit the website layout, connect a domain, connect the analytics, setup 3rd-party integrations and more...

Get to know the Editor Tools

Your Left Panel consists of the following sections:

  1. Preview - allows you to see your website in "Public Mode" for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile view.  Learn more about the Preview.
  2. Dashboard - is where all your Apps are located, which allow you to add new pages, connect analytics, connect a domain, etc. To learn more about the apps on the Dashboard, have a look through the Dashboard and Apps section of our Help Desk.
  3. Blocks - in this section you can find predesigned blocks, with specific elements, created to help you build your website quickly. Learn more about the Blocks.
  4. Elements - you can find all the elements, whether it's for a single button, image sliders, or your online store products. To view the entire list of the elements available, please navigate to the Elements section of our Help center.
  5. Colors - is a tool that allows you to create a custom color palette. You can then drag & drop your custom color on a button, text, block, column and even on the page's background to apply it. Learn more about the Colors.
  6. Effects (fx) - a list of web page effects, including fade, ease, rotate, parallax and more. To apply an effect, simply drag and drop them on different elements, blocks or background images. Learn more about the Effects.
  7. Progress - a beginner-friendly checklist of steps that will help you complete the basics of Ucraft. After the basics, you can also complete the Advanced and Additional steps recommended for webmasters or designers.
  8. Undo - If you made a mistake, or don't like the change you just made to your site, simply use the Undo option to reverse the previously made action. It also works through Ctrl+Z or Command+Z shortcuts. Please note that after you refresh your page, all the changes you made will be saved and you won't be able to use the Undo button for the actions done before the page refresh. 
  9. Help - will redirect you to our Help Desk. If you need further assistance, simply click on the Chatbox on the lower right corner of your screen and our Support Team will answer any questions you may have. 
  10. Latest synchronization - the track synchronization button shows the last syncing operation time. Please note that all the changes made on your page are being automatically saved, so your site goes live without publishing. 

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And always remember, we're just a step away! Hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!

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