In this article we're going to introduce you how to connect your Domain to Ucraft website via Cloudflare.

In order to successfully connect your domain to your Ucraft website, you should firstly move to your Domain App and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Open the Domain app
  3. Click the "Connect Existing Domain"
  4. Enter your existing domain name to the appropriate field and click "Connect"
  5. Follow the guide on the Domain Manager screen to finish connecting the domain.

Now let's move to the steps you should take directly on your Cloudflare Account.

  • We also recommend checking out Cloudflare documentation or contacting their support team directly for further assistance. 

Here we go with the points you should check:

  1. Go to
  2. If you don't have an account yet, sign up for a free one
  3. Log in to your Cloudflare Account 
  4. Enter your Custom domain to the "Add a website" field in the following format:
  5. Now hit "Scan DNS record" button
  6. Wait for about a minute as Cloudflare scans your domain DNS
  7. Click "Continue" once the scan process is finished
  8. Start adding the two A records provided by Ucraft on the Domain App accordingly
  9. Once you're done adding the DNS Records, scroll down and click "Continue"
    Select the "Free Plan" and hit "Continue"
  10. Copy the nameservers provided under the column "Change nameservers to", then log in to your Domain Registrar's DNS Panel and change your existing nameservers to the name servers provided by Cloudflare

You're all set!


  1. Please make sure to disable the "Cloud" for both your A records and enable it back right after your Domain becomes active. Otherwise you will get an error 525.

An orange cloud means your web traffic is running through Cloudflare making your site faster, safer and smarter.

A gray cloud means your web traffic is not accelerated via Cloudflare.

Go to the "Crypto" section and change SSL to "Full." Please double check not to select the "Full (Strict)" option, as this may result in an invalid SSL certificate.

*Note: Keep in mind, that the changes can take up to 72 hours your website might not be accessible through your custom domain during this period.

We'd also suggest checking out this article for more insight on how to configure SSL for your Custom Domain or moving here if you're interested to connect your custom domain directly to your Ucraft website.

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