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Retargeting to Grow Sales
Retargeting to Grow Sales
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Advertising is one of the most important aspects in gaining more customers for your online store. Nevertheless, majority of shoppers aren’t ready to buy from the first browse of your catalog. They might hesitate, get distracted or decide to browse similar products online.

Research has shows that 96% of first-time visitors who leave your store without making a purchase won’t return unless you bring them back. Retargeting will help you bring back paying customers.

How Retargeting Works

In eCommerce, retargeting helps the owners of the store to reach customers who have visited their store but didn’t buy anything. Reaching these customers relies on browser cookies.

TIP: A cookie is a special piece of data that is set in a person’s browser and allows for the tracking of the pages they visit. Every site that uses cookies must inform the user about it so remember to add a cookie notification to your site when you use retargeting methods.

When used correctly, these ads encourage your customers to continue browsing your store and even making more purchases.

Since research has shows that only 4% of shoppers complete a purchase on their first visit, retargeting helps reach the remaining 96% of potential customers.

Facebook & Google Retargeting App

It is an app by ROI Hunter Easy which allows you to track store visitors and their cart contents, design visually attractive ads with a feature-rich editor, analyze campaign statistics for effective retargeting and most importantly place ads within Google and Facebook’s powerful networks.

Settings up Retargeting Ads for your eCommerce Products

To set it up:

1. Go to your eCommerce App → Apps → App Market.
2. Find the app you want to install.
3. Click 'Install' → 'Open' under the app name and pricing.

5. Next, sign in with your Google account.
6. Follow the on screen instructions. 

!Note: It's free. You only pay your ad spend directly to Google.

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