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How to add a Lucky Orange App to your Store
How to add a Lucky Orange App to your Store
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Lucky Orange gives you the tools to instantly see where your customers come from, how much money they spend, what products are selling best, where visitors become frustrated or confused or finally abandon your site.

This is where the reports and statistics come into play. 

There are several ways to get this data:

  • Lucky Orange heaps the data into easy-to-read heat maps that show you how people surf your pages, where they click the most or how far down they scroll.
    Heat maps allow you to understand if your website design is convenient and attractive, as well as adjust some things based on the customer behavior.

  • The form analytics displays the exact parts of your signup or checkout forms that are causing your customers to abandon your site. Learn what fields are taking too long to finish, are being repeated due to errors, and cause the most abandonment.

  • Besides this, the system allows you to get valuable feedback directly from visitors on your site and with the help of feature-rich chat system, you can help your customers the moment they need it. The latter, allows you to watch their screen while you chat, as well as point to areas directly on their screen.

Note: The Lucky Orange app is available for $10-50+ USD/month with a 7-day free trial.

How to set up Lucky Orange

Installing lucky orange takes less than 5 minutes and won't slow your site down. So rest assure that it gives you the tools you need to turn more visitors into customers.

Let's get rolling:

1. Go to your eCommerce App → Apps → App Market.
2. Find the app you want to install. 

3. Click 'Install' → 'Open'  under the app name and pricing:

4. Then, sign up for Lucky Orange and run your 7-day free Trial period.

5. Add the URL of your online store.

6. Skip this step, as the app will automatically install the tracking code on all pages of your Ucraft store.

7. And finally, play around with the available options (Recordings, Chat, Polls, HeatMaps etc.) to get most out of it.

For more detailed instructions, we'd suggest visiting Lucky Orange Help Center to get help directly from the first source.

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And always remember, we're just a step away! Hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!

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