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Dropshipping Services
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Many people hang back on launching an online store because of the startup costs and managing hassles. That’s where dropshipping comes to rescue.

The main distinction is that the selling merchant doesn't store his own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Fulfillment service available at Ucraft is Printful at present.

Printful is a service that helps you easily sell custom print products online with very minimal effort. All it takes is uploading a design and syncing your store catalog with Printful. No inventory, no shipping, no upfront costs. All orders are automatically printed and shipped and covered in your store's branding.
You decide your profit. You buy the ready-made Printful products at a wholesale price, but sell to your customers at whichever price you want. The higher the price, the bigger your profit margin becomes.

How do I set up Printful in my Store?

1. Go to your eCommerce App → Apps → App Market. 

2. Find the app you want to install.
3. Click 'Install' → 'Open'  under the app name and pricing.

4. Log in to your Printful account or register one right away.

5. Confirm connection by hitting ‘Connect Store to’ button. 

How to I sync your products with Printful?

To launch your printing business, you need to add products from the Printful catalog:

  1. Choose a product category and a product (for instance, Accessories/Women's clothing etc.).

2. Adjust its design: upload your graphics, select colors and sizes.
On the left side of this pop-up window you can resize and drag and drop your image so it take a right place on the T-shirt.

3. Then set the main mockup picture, create a product title and edit the description field if necessary.
4. Choose the mark up price and Printful will auto configure your product prices.

5. Submit this product to your store to list it in your storefront as a regular store catalog product.

Here's how your product will be displayed.

How do I manage Printful settings?

Feel free to manage how orders are processed, in your store settings in Printful app interface. Move to the Printful App → Settings.


There are two ways Printful calculates the shipping rates: Flat rates and Live rates

Flat Rates - On the Shipping speeds and pricing page you can find Printful Flat rate shipping prices for all product types. Flat rates are the default pricing for the shipping and the shipping method used depends on the availability and price offered by a carrier. Printful ships using a variety of carriers and methods that you can also find in the Shipping methods section.

Live Rates - Printful also has Live shipping rates. They are calculated by the exact weight and the destination of the order and the shipping method/rate is selected by your customer on the checkout page of your store.

Besides this, you can also specify which shipping methods you want to use for your store from Printful App Settings → Carriers & Services.

By default they are all enabled. Unchecking the box disables that carrier type for live rate orders but note that if you leave Flat Rate enabled, any order where Flat rate is selected as the shipping method can still ship with any of Printful carriers and methods. To totally disable a specific shipping method disable both Flat rate and the method itself.

TIP: If you're selling items that are not fulfilled through Printful, we recommend disabling the live shipping rates. Since these live rates only show shipping costs for Printful products, you're likely to lose profit if items that are not fulfilled by Printful are added to the cart.

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