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How to Set up In-store Pickup
How to Set up In-store Pickup

Allow customers to stop by your store location and pickup their order.

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So, in addition to regular shipping you can enable the in-store pickup option.

To add a new in-store pickup option:

  1. Head to your eCommerce App → Shipping & Pickup section.

  2. Click 'Add In-store Pickup' button.

3. Enter the Pickup option label. It will be displayed to customers at checkout.

4. Enter the Pickup option instructions – how, where and when your customers can collect their purchases.

TIP: In case you have multiple locations available for pickup, simply add more pickup options following the same steps. Specifying each location address in the 'Pickup option' label field will let your customers differentiate the pickup options easily.

Setting up pickup date and time

Down below, we can ask for a pickup Date and Time at checkout. Accordingly, when the customer selects in-store pickup for their order and he will be prompted to give us a date and time that they'll arrive to pick it up.
For this purpose, you will need to set up your business hours to make sure that they won’t show up when you are closed.

To do so:

1. Follow the steps mentioned above.
2. Scroll down and enable the ‘Ask for Pickup Date and Time at Checkout’ option.
3. Check the days when you are open for pickup and set your Business Hours.

4. Finally select the convenient 'Order Fulfillment Time'.
5. And click 'Add Pickup Option'.

Managing pickup orders

To manage pickup orders, move to eCommerce App → My Sales → Orders by the In-store Pickup section.

Store admin can inform the customer that he is awaiting pickup, by simply changing its 'Fulfillment Status' to 'Ready for Pickup'.

Ucraft will send the corresponding email notification to the customer’s email address right after.

Tip: Make sure to enable the 'Order is Ready for Pickup' notifications from eCommerce App → Settings → Mail section.

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