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How to Add Products to Your Store
How to Add Products to Your Store
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In the following article, we are going to learn how to add products to your online store.


There are two ways to add products to your store: manually or in bulk.
Manual entry requires you to add each product one by one. However, if you’re transferring from another eCommerce solution or already have your products listed out in a spreadsheet, a bulk import with the help of product import may be your best option.

!Note: The number of products you can add depends on your plan you have initially opted for. 

  • Pro Website - up to 15 products

  • Pro Shop - up to 1000

  • Unlimited - unlimited products

You can read more about Ucraft Pro plans and compare features here

Adding Products Manually

To add products to your store:

1. Head to your eCommerce App → Catalog → Products.
2. Click +Add New Product:

3. Enter the main product details: name, SKU, description and price. If you will ship the product, enter the weight as well.
4. Add an image to best display your product.
5. Limit the stock if your product is limited.
6. Click Save and that's it.

Adding Products Using CSV Import

You can add products to your store in bulk using the import feature. If you have a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file with your products, you can upload it to your eCommerce App and the products will appear in your store.


Each line in a product import file represents a list of attributes (name, SKU, description, price, etc.) associated with a certain product in your store. Each attribute is separated by a delimiter (comma, semicolon, or tabulation) that should be the same throughout the file. 

  • The first line in the file may represent the column headers. 


Delimiters indicate where one product attribute ends and another begins. Ucraft supports three decimeters in CSV files, including commas, semicolons, and tabulation.

When you import your CSV file, please make sure that the delimiter in the file and in the import settings is the same. 


More than ten charsets, including UTF-8, UTF-16, and US-ASCII are supported at Ucraft. While importing CSV file, please select the same encoding used in your CSV file for proper import.
And if you don’t know how your CSV file is encoded, try UTF-8 as it’s the most universal charset.

Numbers format

Ucraft requires CSV imports to:

  • use a dot (a full stop) to separate the decimals (e.g., 3.5 or 10.99)

  • not use a separators for large numbers (e.g., 1350, not 1,350)

!Note: Product import in Ucraft recognizes 21 product attributes. This means your CSV may contain up to 21 columns. To see the attribute list, go to eCommerce App → Catalog → Products and click Import Products.

Importing a CSV file

Once you’ve prepared your CSV file, go to eCommerce App → Products and click Import products.

  1. Click Choose file and select the CSV file from your computer.

  2. Select the delimiter used in your file (comma, semicolon or tabulation).

  3. Select the character encoding used in your file:

4. Arrange columns (drag and drop) to satirize your file.

5. Uncheck the columns that are not used in the file.
6. Use the Skip column option to exclude up to three columns.

If you want to clear the catalog before import, check the Delete All Products and categories option before the import.

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And always remember, we're just a step away! Hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!

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