Wondering how to add different color/size/etc options to your products? Don't worry, it's really easy to do, take our words!

Ucraft offers the opportunity to add variants to your eCommerce products. First, go to your eCommerce App and then click on the product that you are trying to differentiate. Then, click on the 'Options' button.

From there click on 'Add New Option' button, think about a Title for your product and then choose the Input Type. Once you named your Option you should add the selections. For example, if your Option is called "Size" then your selection should be a number or a letter. You can also differentiate the price for each selection.

Don't forget to Save your changes! Now you should be able to see the changes on your website:

Cool, right? But that's not it! You can also add different images for each of your selection. This can really come in handy when you have color as your option. For that simply click on 'Variations' button and add the variations. From there you can upload images for each color and once again save the changes.

This is pretty much it! Now you know how to add different product options for your customers.

And keep in mind, that we're just a step away so hit the Chat box in the lower right corner if you have any questions!

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