Mobile/Tablet View 

All the blocks and elements on Ucraft are smart enough to adapt to all devices, so your website will look perfect on different PCs, tablets and mobile phones. However, if you still don't like how your site looks on Mobile/Tablet view, here are some options for you. 

Changing the Distance between Blocks and Elements

To change the Distance Between Blocks and Elements for your Mobile view, simply go to the edit mode of your site  → navigate to your Dashboard  →  Designer Tools App  →  Layout Section  → edit the distances from the menu on your right. 


Another method of customizing your block/element for mobile view would be duplicating it, changing the device visibility for both and then editing. This way you can have the same element/block, only one is for the Desktop version for your site, while the other is for the Mobile/Tablet version. 

To do so, first duplicate your Element/Block by holding down the Ctrl or Command button your keyboard, then dragging and dropping it to the desired position. 

Afterwards, change the Visibility of your original Element/Block by clicking Visibility settings  →  Device Visibility  →  and select Desktop only. Do the same for your duplicate block but set the visibility to Mobile/Tablet only. 

  • You can read more about managing Visibility Settings of Elements and Blocks in this article.
  • Please keep in mind that on the Free Website plan you can only duplicate basic Elements that are included in the plan. In addition, you cannot duplicate blocks that contain Elements that do not belong to your plan.

How to Align Elements

If you want to align your elements, simply drag one of them to the right or left side of the block where the other element is until you see a grey line. Once you see it, drop the element and they will end up next to each other.

If your elements aren't exactly next to each other, simply right-click on one of them and change the Vertical Alignment settings to match the other Element.

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