A Custom Domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. Ucraft gives you an option to replace your built-in Ucraft subdomain (yoursitenmae.ucraft.net) with a Custom Domain. As the latter one, makes your site look professional, promote your brand, and make it easy for visitors to find you on the web.
Managing, connecting and buying a Domain for your website is possible by going to Domain App on your Dashboard.

Buy a New Domain through Ucraft

When it comes to your Domain, you can connect your existing domain to your website totally for free or purchase a new one with the help of our Domain App.
Each domain name is provided on a yearly basis and the prices vary due to domain's extension (also know as domain's TLD). A top-level domain (TLD) is the last part of a domain name after the "."

Available extensions (TLDs) at Ucraft:

  • .com
  • .am
  • .biz
  • .cc
  • .info
  • .me
  • .net
  • .mobi
  • .org
  • .tv .
  • de.com
  • .com.de
  • .in.net

Go through the below mentioned steps to learn more about how to 'Buy a new Domain' on Ucraft.

  1. Once you have logged in, go to ‘Dashboard’ from the Tools Panel and hit the ‘Domain’ icon. 
  2. Click ‘Buy New Domain’ from the Dialog Window.
  3. Enter your desired domain name here and choose the extension you prefer from the options below.Tip: If there is no available domain, you will see ‘Not available’ near the domain names. Enter another variant and click ‘Search’. 
  4. After entering the domain, choose the one that is most suitable for you and click ‘Continue’. 
  5. Fill out the form to proceed the payment. Your first, last name and email address are already filled.
  6. Click the Arrow and choose the appropriate country from the dropdown menu.
  7. Enter your city, ZIP code and address. Then, select the appropriate code and input your phone number.
  8. After filling all fields, push the ‘Next’ button to choose the most suitable Payment Method for you.
  9. Enter your Card Number, Expiration Period and CVV. Push the ‘Pay’ button.
  10. Once proceed with the payment, you'll receive an Email from Namecheap, your domain provider, where you'll find the option to verify the ownership rights over your domain name. 

11. And the last step would be moving to your Domain App and hitting 'Check' button to finalize the process. 

Note: As already mentioned, Domain names are registered on an annual basis, and must be renewed when they expire. To do so, go to your Profile's Subscription section, hit the Renew  button and follow the onscreen instructions to realize the payment.

But wait!

In case of the annual subscription to one of our plans, Ucraft provides our users with a free domain that you can Claim again from the Domain app.

What if I already have a domain?

If you own a Domain name purchased through another Domain provider (like GoDaddy or Namecheap), you can connect it to your site by following a process called domain mapping (by changing your DNS settings). Refer to this article for more insight on how to connect a Domain with Ucraft.

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