You've launched your Ucraft website, connected your custom domain and it targets one country or one language. However, if you decide to go international and create a multilingual website, that's where our Languages App comes in handy. 

  • You can check out this article for more insight on how to create a Multilingual site. 

Once you've added multiple languages to your website, localizing your content in multiple languages will be an important part of it. After adding the second language to your website, you will notice the shortcode at the end of your domain name in the address bar.

For instance, if the default language of your website is English and you decide to go with Spanish, the URL of your website's Spanish version will have a /es (Spain) shortcode. Accordingly, so called sub-directories with a generic top-level domain of your domain will be

In addition, in the Domain App you will find another option to assign your domain to a language.

So, this 'Assign Language to Domain' functionality allows to link a specific Domain to a certain language of your website.

In other words, here you can connect Domain name to your Default Language (in our case English) of your site,

while the will be linked to the Spanish one.

You can also change the URL Shortcode, which is what you see when switching from one language to another under the same domain extension.

Here, take a look at our example. Let’s say we have English and Russian languages (while their domains look like this:, The “ru” code can be changed to “rus”, “russia”, or any other name, depending on your preferences!

A few other points at Ucraft to be aware of:

  1. Each domain can be assigned to only one language.
  2. If the domain is not assigned to any language, it will load any language set from the Language switcher, except for the one, which has already been assigned.
    Let's say, we have 3 languages: English (Default), Spanish, Russian,
    and 2 domains: and (where .com is assigned to English while .es is not assigned to any).
    If your site visitor change your site language to Russian/Spanish he will be redirected to or And only if he switches the language to English, will be placed.
  3. Once the 'Domain 2 language' functionality is active, the Default domain star icon disappears. From there on, the default domain is the one, connected to the default language.
  4. In case, the domain assigned to the default language is deleted, the language will redirect to a 404 error Page.
  5. In case, domain (not Default) is removed, it is only accessible through the initial Ucraft subdomain.
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