In this article, we'll introduce you to the platform called Intercom, a practical set of
tools that allows you to manage conversations with your site visitors and send targeted messages to the right people at a right time.

Let us start with how you can connect the platform to your Ucraft website.

From there, you'll also be able to copy the App ID to be installed to the Integrations section on your Dashboard.

That's it! Just paste the ID to the appropriate field and hit connect.

Once you've successfully connected Intercom to your website, you'll notice a Chat icon appear in the lower right corner of your site.

TIP: You can easily customize the Chat box to match your website's look and feel, as well as manage the App right from your Intercom Settings!

You may also find a lot more about the advantages of using Intercom here.
They even offer products for companies at the early stage of development!

For more detailed instructions, we'd suggest visiting Intercom Help Center to get help directly from the first source. 

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