Every single Element and Block is different, so you may have preferences on who can see them depending on the gadget they use or their current location.

Ucraft gives you the option to set the visibility of any element or block for different devices, geolocation (Country, City or Custom IP) or even session.

Visibility Settings

Let's talk about different Visibility Settings available on Ucraft in detail.

Device Visibility enables making a certain Element appear on Desktop or Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the Elements on your pages.

Device Visibility - allows you to choose which device you want your element or block to be visible in. You can choose from All devices, Desktop Only, Mobile Only and Tablet Only.

Location visibility - the following option includes or excludes specific cities, countries or sets the appropriate Custom IP.

Session visibility - You can set the visibility of certain elements to only be seen by logged in users only. This works well with the User Account element and can come in handy if you want to hide some content from users until they sign up to your website.

The same way, you can manage the Visibility Settings of the Blocks on your website.

All you need to do is go to the Block SettingsVisibility Settings. 

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