Select Visibility Settings for each Block and Element depending on the device, location, language, or session. 

In order to change your Block Visibility Settings, go to Block Settings → Visibility Settings. In order change your Element Visibility Settings, go to Element Settings Visibility Settings. 

Visibility Settings

Device Visibility enables certain Blocks and Elements to appear either on: All devices, Desktop Only, Mobile Only or Tablet Only. Select Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the drop down menu to get full control over the Elements Visibility on your pages. 

Page Visibility allows you to select certain pages you'd like to hide certain Blocks from. Select Matching in order to include or exclude the pages you want to hide this block from. This setting is only enabled for Blocks. 

Location Visibility allows you to select Matching in order to include or exclude the Location Handling options of: a specific country, city, or Custom IP. 

Language Visibility enables you to select visibility for English and/or for all languages. However, please keep in mind that you can't apply Language Visibility to a specific Element. To set the visibility rules, either move the Element to a specific Block or set the rules for the current Block Settings, where the Element is located. 

Session Visibility allows you to set the visibility of certain Blocks and Elements to: the public, logged in users only, or logged out users only. 

Schedule Visibility

Located next to the Visibility Settings in both the Blocks and Elements sections is Schedule Visibility. This section allows you to Show or Hide Visibility and select the Type: Ongoing, Scheduled, or Recurring. 

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