There's no need to have designer or coding skills to enrich your website’s visuals. All you need to do is find the Image or Video Element, in the Elements section on the Left Panel, then drop it to your desired area. 

Adding Images

Now you’re free to customize the Images the way you want, add special Effects or certain opacity to make it more eye-catching.

If you want to add more than one image, Ucraft offers the Gallery and Image Slider Elements as well, where you can add as many images as you wish.

If you want to add a background image to your blocks, you can do so by clicking Block Settings (three dots on the top left corner of your block) → Block Background → upload an image from your device or choose from our Free Stock. 

Embedding Videos

For starters, drag and drop the Video Element from the Elements section. Afterwards, paste your Youtube, Vimeo or Custom Video Link (.mp4, .ogg or .webm formats) to the appropriate field.

To add your Video as a Block Background, click on the Block Settings → Block Background → paste your link to  the Video tab. 

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