Wondering on how to add eye catching and beautiful Images to your Site ?

Try looking for an answer to this question on web and you’re most likely going to get long and tedious instructions about HTML, CSS and coding in general.

In case you’re a newbie in the world of coding, all these <img>s, <div>s,/s and <head>s will sooner or later have your own “head” spinning around.

This article will help you save your time and efforts, still add your amazing images and videos to your website and make the process really engaging and fun!

Shall we get started?

If you’ve tried using the Ucraft Builder even once, you’ve apparently noticed something we’re obsessed with: the drag and drop functionality.

As the platform itself is super easy to use, it literally enables dragging the desired element from the Left Panel and dropping it wherever you prefer on your page.

In other words, no need to have any designer or coding skills to enrich your website’s visuals without a hitch. All you need to do is find the Image or Video Element, drop it to the area you want and add the one that fits your vision.

Simple as that!

But it’s better to see it once, than hear a thousand times, they say.

So how to upload images and videos to your website?

Said and done! No coding needed, just some Ucraft wizardry.

Now you’re free to customize the Images the way you want, add special Effects or certain opacity to make it more eye-catching.

Want to add more cool pictures to your page? No worries, Ucraft offers Gallery and Image Slider Elements as well, where you can add as many images as you wish.

Still wondering how to create an Image Gallery on your website?

You can make use of the background image option as well in order to place your colorful image as the Block Background instantly.

  1. Just click on the desired Block.
  2. Choose the Block Background option
  3. and upload the most appealing image you could find.

How to embed videos to your website?

  1. Go ahead and pick the Video Element from the Elements section.
  2. Drop it to the area you want it to appear.
  3. Paste your Youtube, Vimeo or Custom Video Link (.mp4, .ogg or .webm formats) to the appropriate field

What about adding your Video as a Block Background:

Once you’ve added your own images and videos to your pages, make sure to check out all the cool features available on Ucraft to make your website visitors go like “wow”!

And finally, mind the quality of your eye-catching visuals since the impact they leave may shout louder than words.

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