Ever thought of creating a membership functionality on your Website and have a loyal customer base? We made it a reality for our Pro Website, Pro Shop and BigCommerce subscribers! Treat your members well and you will end up building a team of loyal users who will go forth and spread the word about your site, and most likely any other services or products you offer.

Just drag and drop the Element to your crafting area. Users will then be able to submit registration Form and become a member.

So, where to find all the data, our users have submitted ?

We've created a special Customers App which you can see on your Dashboard.

It consists of 3 Sections:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Coupons

Users: here you can find all the info: Status, ID, Avatar, First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, Last Login Date, Registration Date.

Groups: all the groups created by you will be listed right there.

Coupons: in this section you can add Coupons by setting Name, Code, Coupon Type, Amount, choosing a group for it.


Edit Icon - Start editing the User Account Element by simply clicking on it and choosing the desired option from the ‘Settings’. You'll notice a new window appear with a list of User Account settings ready to be changed. You can also enable Custom Code option After Successful Registration. If you want to add external/internal links or anchors opt for Regulatory Info Links.

Style - Change the color of your Register and Login Forms, play around with Accounts Info Colors, pick different colors for Account Text and Background.

Registration/sign in form:


Alignment - To change the alignment settings of the Button, click on the ‘Alignment’ icon you’ll have three options available: top, center, bottom, just choose the one, you prefer.

Visibility Settings - It enables making a certain Element/Block appear on Desktop, Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the elements on your page.

Next comes Location visibility. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.

Mind the Session visibility as well. The latter one, allows to make certain elements visible only to the logged in users of your website. This works well with User Account element and can come in handy if you want to hide some content from users until they sign up to your website.

Trash Icon - If you don't need the Element anymore, Click on the ‘Trash’ icon to remove it from your page.

Managing ‘My Account’

If a customer just signed up for your store, you need to verify his/her email address first. An email with the verification link will be sent immediately after you change his status from Pending to Active via Customers App.
Subsequently, your potential customer may log into his account from desktop or mobile device by entering the email and password he used during registration.
From My Account page, he can manage his profile, password information along with order history.

Buttoned up! If you still have any questions about User Account don’t think twice, contact us immediately and we will be more than happy to cover all of them.

If you don't want to miss any chance of making your website unique and engaging, W'd suggest checking out the rest of the handy Apps right here.

That's pretty much everything about User Account Element.

Take some time to explore all the functions, play around with settings and if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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