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How to Create a Multilingual Store
How to Create a Multilingual Store
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There are a variety of ways you can increase your store's visibility and attract as many visitors as possible. One of the most important ways is having a multilingual store.

In order to create a multilingual store, you first need to have a multilingual website. You can check out this article on How to Create a Multilingual Site. 

Afterwards, simply follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your Dashboard.

  2. Go to the eCommerce App → Settings → General → Regional Settings → Language Settings. 

Now, select the default language of your store by clicking 'Change Store Language' and selecting a language from a dropdown list. 

*Please keep in mind that the default language of the store will be used in case users browse your website on one of the site languages that has not been added as your store language.

Afterwards, you will need to add the remaining languages of your store. 

*Note that you need to add the languages that match your website's languages otherwise the translations of your product titles/descriptions will not be displayed.

  • Website languages: English, Spanish, Russian

  • Store languages: English, German, Russian

As seen in the example above, the English and Russian languages match but the Spanish and German languages do not match. This means that all of your products' Titles, Descriptions and Options on the Spanish version of the website will be displayed in the default language. 

The next step to setup your multilingual store will be adding translations for your products. Simply go to your products and add translations for your Titles and Descriptions.

Similarly, you can add translations for your product Options. You can translate not only Titles, but also Values for certain input types, such as Drop-down list, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes.

Just like with Products, you can also translate Categories. Simply go to your Categories section and write Descriptions for categories that you would like to be translated.

You can now go back to your site and you'll be able to see all the product/category translations. 

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