Let's start with the Title Element.  

The impact made by a thoughtful and descriptive Title shouldn't be underestimated, so take your time to choose right titles and style for your site. 

To add a title, simply drag and drop the title element to your Crafting Area. Once added, double click to change the text. You can customize your Title Element using the Text Editor that shows up.

To change the font, simply choose a new one from either the Heading Fonts or the Fonts Family. 

  • You can customize the heading fonts from the Typography section in your Designer Tools App and add new fonts from the Fonts App

To change the font size, either choose from the Heading fonts once more, or select a size from the range of 0.1 em to 5.0 em. 

Change the space between letters or the lines, highlight the text by using the Letter Spacing or Line Height options. You can use the line pointer or add the number you want to set the desired distance. 

You can also customize your title style by using the Bold, Italic, Underline or Capitalize (TT)  options.

If you want to change the color of your title, simply click on the droplet icon and choose a custom color. You can also use the Colors Tool  from your left panel to drag and drop your color onto your text elements. 

To add a link to your text element, simply click on the Link icon and input the URL address, whether it's Internal, External or an Anchor

  • In the case of the External Link, you can also add a 'mailto' or 'phone' option from the dropdown many for direct emails and clickable phone numbers. 
  • To remove the external link, double click on your text > then click on it again  once and you'll see the option to remove the link or edit it. 

TIP: Don't forget to hit the check mark icon to save your recent text changes.

To remove all the customizations of your text element, simply click on the Remove Format Icon. If you want to delete it, you hit the trash icon to remove it.

Moving on to the Paragraph Element. To improve your site with powerful texts, simply navigate to the Element's section, then drag and drop the Paragraph Element to your crafting area. 

Once added, double click on the element to see one of two text editors

The one that shows up will allow you to edit your text's styling, including changing the font, size, adding external link, changing color, height, etc. 

However, when you double click on the paragraph element, you'll notice a pilcrow symbol (¶) on the top right corner of your text that will open up more settings once clicked on. 

You can change the font style and size from the Heading options, add bullet points, graphs, insert videos and other external media and add images from your device. Once you're done, don't forget to click on the check mark to save your changes! 

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