Create a unique, interactive experience for your users by adding pop up boxes that work!

!Note: Please keep in mind that this feature is only available on our paid or lifetime subscriptions. 

Head over to your Dashboard and click on the Popups App. You can create an unlimited number of popups by clicking the Create Popups button and fill in the given Title and Alias fields. 

Customize, Duplicate, Edit or Delete your popups by clicking the appropriate icon located on the right.

Click the Open Popup button to start editing your popup. 

The blank popup will appear on a new window. You can customize your popup by dragging and dropping elements. Use the black circles located on the four sides of the popup to adjust its sizing.

  • If you add a User Account element, the changes you apply to the element will be applied to the popup as well. 

To change the Popup Settings, simply click on the gear icon on the top left corner of the screen. From there, you can adjust Popup Styles, Layer Styles and Popup Shadows. 

  • Popup Style: Adjust the popup's position, animation styles, add a background image and change the popup colors. 
  • Layer Style: Add a backdrop to your popup and change it's image, color, and blur level.
  • Popup Shadow: Create a shadow for your popup using the Enable Shadow option. Change the color and adjust the position, spread and blurring accordingly.

Assign a Popup to an Element

Assign a popup to these specific elements:

  • Button Element
  • Image Elements (including Gallery and Slider)
  • Icon

Once you add these elements to your crafting area, click on element → edit link → popup. You can then choose which popup you want to assign to your element.

You can also edit your chosen popup by clicking the Open Popup option. 

And, that's a wrap! After saving your popup, click on Preview, located in the Left Panel, and then select the element you assigned your popup to!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support, 24/7.

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