Let's start with the Title Element.  

The impact made by a thoughtful and descriptive Title shouldn't be underestimated, so take your time to choose right titles and style for your site. 

Title element

To add a title, simply drag and drop the title element to your Layout (crafting area). Once added, double click to change the text. You can customize your Title Element using the Text Editor that shows up.

Here are the features we want to draw your attention to:

  • To change your Heading sizes head over to Designer Tools app > Typography
  • To add new fonts to your font list go to Dashboard > Fonts App.
  • You can select a specific part of the text and change its color, size and even add a link, mailto link, anchor, etc...

To remove all the customizations of your text elements, simply click on the Remove Format Icon. If you want to delete it, you hit the trash icon to remove it.

Paragraph element

To improve your site with powerful texts, simply navigate to the Element's section, then drag and drop the Paragraph Element to your crafting area. 

Once added, double clicking on the element will open the text editor the same manner in the previous example.

However, when you start adding more text with new lines, you will notice a small paragraph icon ( ¶ ) on the left hand side of every new line. This will show the setting related to that line only.

And always remember, we're just a step away! 

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