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How to Setup IDramPay
How to Setup IDramPay

Accept payments via IDram

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With the help of IDram you can accept payments when selling your products and services online. To become Merchant your company must meet the following criteria:

  • be a registered legal entity or individual entrepreneur in RA

  • have a complete and fully operational online store

  • be involved in activities not contradicting RA legislation

Once everything is set with the bank, move to your Ucraft Account to continue with the integration process.

  1. Move to your Ucraft Dashboard → eCommerce App → Payment section and scroll down to Other ways to get paid:

  2. Click Choose Payment Processor, pick IDram, copy and send the following information to IDram.

    Result URL:

    Success URL:

    Fail URL:

3. After receiving your Credentials from IDram, fill them in the Payment IDram account details section; Email, Account ID, Secret Key.

4. Click on the Connect button. When properly connected, the aforementioned fields won’t be visible anymore and you will see a red Disconnect button.

5. In your website’s public mode, check if IDram's page is loading during the Checkout and make a test payment.

6. Log into your bank’s web page with your Web Credentials and check if the transactions went through.

That’s it! Your customers can now choose this payment method in your store.

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