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Last updated on Jul 08, 2024

Adding a Subscription Element to your site will give you an awesome chance to gather an email address list from your visitors, customers, and leads in a super-easy way.\ ​\ To get started, drag and drop the ‘Subscription’ Element from the Elements Section to the Crafting Area.


Edit Icon - Start editing the Subscription Element by simply clicking on it and choosing the desired option from the ‘Settings’. You'll notice a new window appears with a list of Subscription settings ready to be changed. You can change the name of fields, Subscription, and "Thank you" messages. You can also change the Button Name, inserting the title in the proper field, as well as Labels and Placeholders of every single field.\ ​

Style - Change the color of your Forms, Input and Text fields' height, play around with Borders and Padding, pick different colors for Text and Background, change Fonts and so much more.

Alignment - To change the alignment settings of the Subscription Element, click on the ‘Alignment’ icon you’ll have three options available: top, center, bottom, just choose the one, you prefer.

Visibility Settings - It enables making a certain Element/Block appear on Desktop, Mobile only, or everywhere by default. Simply hit Visibility Settings and choose the desired option from the dropdown menu to get full control over the Visibility of the elements on your page.\ ​\ Next comes Location visibility. Include or exclude specific cities or countries or set the appropriate Custom IP.

Mind the Session visibility as well. The latter one, allows to make certain elements visible only to the logged in users of your website. This works well with User Account element and can come in handy if you want to hide some content from users until they sign up to your website.\ ​

!Note: The subscription information is being automatically sent to the Email address that has been used to while signing up for your Account.

You can manage the sending settings anytime, though!

You have can change the recipient address and connect the Subscription Element to Mailchimp, Google sheets, Intercom or send the Data to Customers App on Dashboard.


Click ‘Mailchimp’ and make further changes respectively.

Let's go ahead and connect Mailchimp to your Ucraft account. Just enter your username, password, and click ‘Log In’. \ In case of connecting Mailchimp, you'll also need to choose your List ID from the dropdown menu.

Google Sheet

You may create a Google Sheet alternatively. Connect your Google Account and name the worksheet.

TIP: Once you've connected Google Sheet, you can't edit the Spreadsheet, but disconnect and connect a new one instead.

For the Google Sheet, go ahead and choose the desired Spreadsheet and make sure to add your Worksheet name respectively.


Go ahead and connect your Form element to Intercom. The first thing you should do is enter Intercom Key. To create your Access Token (Intercom Key) head to the dashboard in the Intercom Developer Hub or click on Dashboard at the top of the page and hit 'Get an Access Token'.

When setting up your Token, you will be asked to choose between two levels of scopes Standard Scopes and Extended Scopes. Use Standard as these scopes will be approved and usable straight away.

Once you have created your Access Token you will see it in the same section in your Dashboard. Simply copy and paste it to your Form Element → Edit Subscription  → Send Data to  → Intercom Key section.

Customers App

To send collected Data to your Customers App, simply choose the appropriate option and enable the ‘Send Data to Customers App’ toggle.

Now you're good to go!

‘Thank you!’ message

Why not add a message which will appear after a user has successfully subscribed? This message will be visible for the users that have already subscribed as well.\ ​

\ ​**!Note:** Due to security reasons the Subscription element will be visible when viewing the page via your custom domain only.

Trash Icon - If you don't need the Element anymore, Click on the ‘Trash’ icon to remove it from your page.\ ​

As you're reading this, our enthusiastic team is already working on implementing new Elements and functionalities!