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How to Integrate Zapier

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

Zapier is an online automated workflow tool that allows you to connect your favorite web apps and services to each other and move information between them automatically without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

The Zapier tool offers several features, including

  • Automate processes, move data, and keep your software tools working in harmony.

  • Create workflows that do busywork for you — so you can get more done.

  • Go from idea to automation in minutes with Zapier’s no-code platform.

To get started, go to zapier.com and click on the ‘Try free’ button. Sign up by creating a new account and click on the ‘Get Started Free’ button.

* You get a 14 days free trial period to try Zapier’s paid features and then choose the subscription plan that works the best for you.

Zapier allows integrations with over 3000+ apps on the web, so choose some relevant ones for personalized workflow recommendations and click ‘Finish Setup’.

Once you finish the setup, you’ll be redirected to your Zapier Dashboard, where you can search for Ucraft in the first tab and pick the app you want to connect it to in the second tab.

For instance, to connect your Ucraft website with Google Sheets and trigger data transfer from a specific action your users make on your website, you need to select Ucraft and Google Sheets like in the screenshot below and pick the actions accordingly. \ ​\ Here’s a step by step guide on setting up your Zap;

  1. Choose your app and event
  • In the Zap editor, click to open the Trigger step.

  • In the Choose app & event section, search for and select the app that will trigger the Zap.

  • Click the Trigger Event dropdown menu and select the event that will trigger the Zap. For example, you can choose to trigger the Zap every time you receive a new customer in Ucraft.

Hit ‘Try It’ and sign in to your Ucraft account. You’re already onto the next step of creating a Zap in the editor, which is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together.

2. Choose your app account

  • If you already have an account connected to Zapier for the trigger app, select it from the account dropdown menu.

  • If not, click + Connect a new account and follow the instructions to connect your app to Zapier.

  • Once a connection is selected, click Continue.you can choose to trigger the Zap every time you receive a new customer in Ucraft.

Click Sign in to Ucraft, access the Design Mode of your website, navigate to the Dashboard > Integrations App, scroll down to find Zapier. Generate an API key, copy it and follow the onscreen instructions on your Zapier account.

After filling in your website URL along with the API key copied earlier, hit ‘Yes, Continue’.

3. Customize your options

  • Next, set up your trigger options if available. Make sure to select or fill in any required fields. Click Continue.

  • You will need to complete your set up action by choosing different values for your Drive, Spreadsheet and Worksheet.

Please go ahead and create your Google Sheet with the desired columns that you want to extract. For example: Id, FirstName and LastName.\ ​\ Then, scroll down and make sure to map the columns of your newly created spreadsheet with the existing columns found in the Customer Apps of your Ucraft website and click Continue.

Once successful, A spreadsheet row will be sent to Google Sheets. All that remains now is to click on the Turn On Zap button and that’s it!\ ​

4. Test your trigger

  • You can make use of the Test Trigger option as well, where Zapier will attempt to find a recent item from your trigger app to use in the Zap. For example, if your trigger is a new customer in Ucraft, Zapier will pull in a recent customer that registered. The information can then be used as test data in an action step later in the Zap. If you want to use a different item, you can change the test data in your Zap trigger.

  • If Zapier is having trouble finding data for your trigger, try adding new data for the event in your trigger app. Once you’ve set up your trigger, you can set up the rest of your Zap such by adding an action or a search step.

\ You can look through the dozens of other helpful articles in our Help Section that will help guide you in creating a successful website with Ucraft.

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