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Last updated on Jul 08, 2024

Welcome to the eCommerce App, a powerful app that allows you to fully setup a store on your website in less than an hour.

Before you get started, we kindly recommend watching the Video Tutorial below or scrolling down for a step by step guide.

Here's a helpful do-list to get you started:

  • Add products
  • Verify geo settings
  • Configure shipping
  • Get paid

To add products, simply go to the eCommerce App → Catalog → Products → Add new Product.

You can enable or disable the Availability, as well as edit the Stock control from the box located on the right side of your screen.

Attributes are useful as they contain information such as the Brand or UPC code. They can also be used to customize your Product Filters.

If you want to add different options/variations to your products, you can do so from the Options tab.
*Note that the variations feature is only available if you're on the Pro Website or Unlimited subscription plan.

You have the option to also add e-goods to your store. To do so, simply click on the Files tab and you'll see the option to add files to your products that users will be able to download after their purchase. Have a read through this article to get more detailed steps on how to add e-goods.

Under the Tax and Shipping tab, you can edit Weight and Dimensions of your product, specify shipping rates and manage tax rates.

Under the SEO tab, you can edit the Page Title and Meta description of your product.

If you want your users to see other related products below the product that they are currently browsing, then simply go to the Related Products tab and assign the products.

The Buy Now button allows you to create a faster way for your customers to purchase your products. After you finish customizing your button, simply copy the code and paste it into the Custom HTML element on your website.

*There is an option to Duplicate your products as well.

The next step is verifying the Geo settings. Here you can review the country, currency and weight settings for your store.

Press the 'Edit' button to change these settings. To edit the details, go to Formats & Units settings.

Once you’re done here, set your company info. This will be seen in customer invoices, email notifications and for calculating shipping rates.

Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ when you’re all set.

Left Panel

My Sales - where you can track all your orders, abandoned carts, follow your customers, etc. \ Initially, it will be empty. However, it will get filled as soon as you've made your first sales.

Catalog - Where you can edit your Products and Categories.

Just click on a single product to edit and customize it.

You can then manage the categories, add subcategories or delete them.

Choose a category from left, change the name, storefront image and add more products from Category Products.

Discount - allows you to create Discount Coupons and Discounts based on Subtotal, Customer Groups or Customer Groups and Subtotals.

You can read through this article to get more insight on the Discount Coupons section.

*Keep in mind that the Discount Coupons feature is only available on the Pro Shop or Unlimited subscription plans.

All Sales Channels - includes advanced options like listing your products on some of the most popular shopping websites, exporting your products to eBay or managing your store from your mobile device.

You can reach millions of customers by unlocking additional sales channels. Maximize your sales and drive more traffic to your store by listing your products on the most popular shopping sites on the Internet such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Nextag, Shopzilla, Yandex, Market and more.

Payments - Ucraft is integrated with loads of payment providers like PayPal, Authorize.Net or First Data to make online shopping in your store fast and easy. If you are new to selling online, the quickest way to accept payments is to attach your PayPal account to your store.

Click on Choose Payment Processor for more progressive settings. Here you can find the list of all payment gateways available for your country, as well as other payment gateways which are available worldwide.

  • For instance, PayPal Standard and Express Checkout, Paypal Advanced and PayPal Payflow Link, PayPal Payments Pro Hosted, PayPal Bill Me Later are among the available payment options.

!Note: The system generates the Payment channels according to the Country you've chosen when setting up your online store.

  • For instance, if you've registered your eCommerce website mentioning UK as your country, you'll get the methods available in UK. You can scroll down to see all the methods.

Shipping - Before you start selling, you need to decide what shipping methods you want to use.

To set it all up, please refer to this article.

Apps can be used to customize your online store with additional functionality. In the App Market you will find a variety of apps to help you run your store efficiently. There are apps that may require payment to use, although many apps are free.

In the Settings section, you can find your storefront for maintenance, General settings, Currency, Weight & Size, Storefront Languages, Date & Time and much more.

In the Cart tab for Catalog Settings, you have the options to enable the 'Compare to' price or Order Comments and loads of other handy stuff you'll definitely need when maintaining the Checkout process.

Have more questions? We recommend checking out these Articles for a bigger view of Ucraft.

And always remember, we're just a step away! Hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!