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Add a VK Widget to Your Website

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

Connect different channels and help your user base easily navigate to VK by redirecting them to your community or page.

  1. Go to VK Developers and Log In.
  2. Select My Apps and then Create Application.
  3. Add the Title for your application. We usually recommend using your website title.
  4. Choose Website as the Platform → Enter your Website's Title, Website Address,  (https://yoursite.com) and Base Domain (yoursite.com).

5. Click on Connect Website.\ ​6. A window will popup requiring a confirmation code. Click Get Code to receive the code to the mobile number associated with your VK account. Enter this code in the appropriate field, then click **Confirm.\ ***If your account is already verified, you'll skip this step.*\ 7. A page will appear with your application information. Click Settings located on the Left Panel, find and copy your Application ID. \ ​

8. Go back to your Ucraft Site and find the VK Widget from the Elements Section on your Left Panel.\ 9. Drag and drop it to your desired area → Choose the type of Widget you want to have on your site → paste your VK Application ID in the given field → Embed Code.\ ​

You can always change the connected website or delete it by going to My apps > Settings.

If you want to have the widget for a specific community on VK, head over to your Community page  → ManageAPI usageCallback API. Then, copy your group ID and go back to the Edit Mode of your website and paste your VK Group ID in the given field of the VK Widget Element > Embed Code.\ ​

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