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Ucraft Affiliate Program

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 08, 2023

Ucraft Affiliate Program is an outstanding opportunity to increase your passive income and constitute long-lasting relationships that will be beneficial for everyone. An affiliate program is a revenue sharing option where the affiliate drives traffic to a merchant's website in exchange for referral commissions.

\ Simple as it may seem, this allows you to make money by referring new customers to our website. All you need to do is place links, banners or any other content that we provide you with. Each time anyone you've referred makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Basically, the affiliate receives a trackable link, which they can distribute and get commissions from every conversion, for as long as they are a part of our program. The most exciting part is that you are going to receive a 25% commission from every lead of yours.

How to become a Ucraft Affiliate?\ ​\ ​Sign up Flow\ ​ \ You can get started with this offer by signing up here. After filling out and submitting the registration form, our representatives will review your application and get back to you within a day, to inform you about the status of your account.

Once you get approved for the program, you will receive a unique referral link and access the program's details directly from the confirmation email. Login and retrieve your banner linking code, check your sales, traffic stats and much more.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Affiliate Dashboard provides a full set of tools like Assets, where you can find pre-designed eye-catching banners to make use of. Prepare engaging content with these banners and spread the word via different channels, where you think your potential leads are. Most importantly, you have to know the advantages of Ucraft as a website builder and introduce these advantages through your content to convert more leads and increase the number of clicks. The more you drive the more you make.

In the sidebar you can find the Reporting overview, where analytical data about Clicks, Acquisitions and your Audience is stored. This makes your job easier, in terms of predicting where your most potential leads come from, to make your promotion strategy more effective. You can filter the aforementioned data by date, week, month or year and choose which graph is being showcased at the moment.

You can easily track Conversions and Commissions in the appropriate section, which showcases an overview of all the conversions you generated. You can click on each conversion to reveal its commission(s). This helps to figure out how much commission you will receive from each conversion. You are going to receive an overall payment statement of that month in the first week of the following month.

Once your commissions are approved by us, we can then generate a ‘payout’, which will be visible in the appropriate section. A Payout is the amount payable to you and you will receive the commissions via PayPal, which is the official payout method for affiliate commissions currently offered by us. If you haven’t set up your PayPal Payout Address yet, you can do so by clicking your Profile Icon in the bottom of the left toolbar, then go to the Payout Setting and click + New Payout Method.

Feel free to drop us a line via the live chat service or send an email to [email protected] for any further questions or inquiries. We are available 24/7 and always happy to help!