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Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

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Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

The Facebook Pixel is super useful for handling all-things Facebook Ads.


The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your site. The tool is used to ensure that your ads are shown to the right people, to drive more sales, and measure the results of your ads.

Note: You need to have a custom domain connected to your website in order to use the Analytics tools.

Get the Facebook Pixel Code

Step 1: Go to Facebook Business → Adverts Manager. \ ​Step 2: Select Pixels from the “Assets” in Ads Manager.\ ​

Step 3: Pick a name for your  Pixel and click 'Next'.\ ​

Step 4: Click 'Create Pixel'.\ ​

Step 5: Choose 'Manually Install the Code Yourself'.

Install the Facebook Pixel

Step 1: Once you’ve retrieved the code, head over to your Ucraft website. \ ​Step 2: Go to Dashboard → Site Settings App → Code Injection.\ Step 3: Paste the code in the Before tag section.

Step 4: Test to ensure your code's working properly. \ ​Step 5: Click 'Send Test Traffic'. If your status says 'Active', your base code has been installed successfully. It may take around 20 minutes to update.

Create a Retargeting Campaign

  1. Log into Facebook Ads Manager and select 'Audiences'.

2. Click on 'Create Audience' and select 'Custom Audiences'.

3. Navigate to ‘Website Traffic’ to reach your website visitors.

4. Select and define your target audience name.

The aim of your retargeting campaigns is to successfully reach your target audience. Make sure to set the filters to match your campaign goals.

Implement the Facebook Pixel into Your Store

You can follow the steps below if you want to track your STORE visitors and their behavior.

Step 1: Copy the entire pixel code.\ ​Step 2: Go to your Website's Dashboard → eCommerce App → Settings→ General → Tracking & Analytics. \ ​Step 3: Paste your Facebook pixel ID to the text field and click 'Save Pixel'.\ ​\ Once you've implemented the Facebook pixel ID to your online store, take action and add an item to your shopping cart! The pixel will notify you of this action, or event, via the Facebook Pixel Page in Events Manager. You'll be able to see your customers' actions and have the option to reach out to those customers again!

Add Custom Events for Form Submissions

Events are actions that happen on your website. Implementing custom events allows you to use conversion optimization and track website action efficiently.

Custom conversions can be triggered by button clicks, form submissions, or visits to a killer thank you page (used for conversions).

To set up an event:

  1. Go to the Pixels tab in Events Manager.
  2. Click 'Set Up Pixel'.
  3. Click 'Manually Install the Code Yourself' and click 'Continue'.
  4. Click Install Events.
  5. Select the event categories which will benefit your business, and choose how you'd like to track them.
  6. Click the toggle icon next to 'Lead' option.

7. Select Track Event on Page Load or Track Event on Inline Action.\ ​\ !Note: Choose the 'Track Event on Page Load' option if the action you're tracking can be tracked when someone lands on a certain page. Choose the 'Track Event on Inline Action' if the action you're tracking requires someone to click something, like a purchase button.

8. Add event parameters, like Conversion Value or Currency, to measure additional information about your event (Recommended).

9. Copy this event code.\ 10. Past it in your Form/Subscription Settings → After Successful → Submit Append Custom Code section and click 'Save'.

Check the status of your event by triggering the event on your live web page. If your status is shown as Active, the event has been successfully added. Note that this process may take several minutes.

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