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Add Twitter Feeds or Posts

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Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

Connecting your social media accounts to your business website is the next step to a successful online presence. You can either make use of Follow Us Icons or Sharing Buttons to redirect your website visitors to your public accounts or share your Twitter and Instagram content right on your website.

This can be easily done by embedding certain posts or the whole feed using appropriate widgets.


Easily display Tweets on your website or blog!

  1. Select the Tweet, click the ˅ icon and select the Embed Tweet option.
  2. Using your Widget, add a Twitter Feed Element from the Elements section on your Left Panel.
  3. Paste and click Embed Code.

Voila! The Tweet is already on your page. Just hit Preview on the Left Panel to view it in 'Public Mode'.\ ​

Embed a collection of Tweets using the same Element. You can add a full public Timeline, specific Favorite Tweets, Lists or certain customized search results from twitter.com.

  1. Sign in to Twitter, go to your settings, and select Widgets.
  2. Click Create New and select the desired style accordingly.
  3. Customize your Timeline design, theme, and link color to match your website.
  4. Create your Widget. Copy and paste the code into the Twitter Feed Element.

Click here for further instructions on embedded Twitter timelines.


You can embed your own content as well as photos and videos from public profiles.

  1. Select your desired web post and expand the post.
  2. Click on the [...] button and select "Embed".
  3. Click on the 'Copy Embed Code' and paste it your website as a Custom HTML Element.

Click here for further instructions on embedded Instagram content.

Instagram doesn't offer an Embedded Code for the whole feed, but you can use Third Party websites to generate a code to Embed your website as a Custom HTML element.

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