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Add Visuals to Your Website

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Last updated on Jul 10, 2024

Never underestimate the power of great visuals on your website! They play a critical role in your website design and overall look and feel.

The good news is you don't need to have designer or coding skills to enrich your website with an eye-catchy content. Ucraft is based on drag and drop functionality, meaning you simply need to drag the desired widget and place it wherever you want.

Head over to the Elements sections on the Left Panel to get started.

Adding Images

Check out the Image Element for a single photo or Gallery and Image Slider Elements if you wish to add multiple images in one section.

You can also customize the images and sliders by adding special Effects.

To add a Background image to your click on Block Settings (three dots on the top left corner of your block) → Block Background → Upload an image from your device or choose from Unsplash's Free Stock Collection.

Embedding VideosT

Drag and drop the Video Element from the Elements section. Then, paste your Youtube, Vimeo or Custom Video Link (.mp4, .ogg or .webm formats) in the proper field.

To add your Video as a Block Background, click on the Block Settings → Block Background → Paste your link to the Video tab.

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