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Apply Effects to Your Blocks and Elements

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

You will find a complete set of FX Effects ready to be put into action on the Left Panel of your website.

The effects are divided into four sections: Fade in, Rotate, Parallax, and Affix.

To add the desired effect, drag and drop it on a specific element or block.

After Effect Tips and Tricks

Fade In effects are recommended to use on an element or a block on your homepage, but not on every page. Your site visitors shouldn't notice the fade-in; it's more of a background thing.

\ ​Rotate peaks visitors' interests in website content and design. \ ​

The Parallax Effect, or parallax scrolling, is an effect that allows your background images to move past the camera slowly, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene.

!Note: Please keep in mind that this effect is meant for your block backgrounds, and it only works on the desktop version of your site. \ ​

Affix helps you fix the position of the navigation section. It will keep your site visitors focused as they head down the page.\ ​

When added, the effects are marked with a small red square with the FX letters on the upper right corner of an element area.

!Note: You need to access the website via the Public Mode for the effects to become visible.

To remove the effect, hover over the icon and click on ‘Trash.’

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support, 24/7.