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How to Integrate Zendesk

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

Zendesk helps you make the communication between you and your customers efficient, relevant, and personal. A simple system to track, prioritize and solve customer tickets 24/7 and make the client-customer relationship more reliable than ever. It also comes in handy while communicating with partners and your own team.

  • The products offered range from Support, Chat, Emails to Knowledge Base, Insights & Analytics.

Zendesk Support puts all your customer information in one place, so everything you need is in one place.

Let's move forward and see how it may actually work on your Ucraft website:

  1. Once you've created an Account on Zendesk, you’ll need to add the widget to your site by embedding the Zendesk Chat widget script in your HTML source code.

  2. To do so, just move to the Dashboard, select Settings → Widget → Getting Started tab. We're sure you'll find these instructions pretty helpful.

  3. With the Code copied, you have two options of integrating Zendesk.

  4. Navigate to your Dashboard and move to Site Settings.

  5. Switch Code Injection Section and paste the Base Code between the header tags (either right after the tag or right before the tag.

  6. Don't forget to hit "Save" once you've made the changes.

In addition to the previous method, Ucraft also offers implementing Zendesk through the Integrations App on your Dashboard!

  1. Find the Zendesk Integration among the listed ones and add your Zendesk Chat ID, from the Zendesk Chat widget script.

  2. Make sure to add the script right, as shown in the example below: starting from f up until 3. Copy the indicated part here and paste it to the appropriate field.

TIP: You'll notice the light go green, which means the Integration is already active.

Now, go to the Public Mode of your Ucraft website to make sure that it works correctly.

You can always follow your Chat sessions from your Zendesk account and keep your finger on pulse while monitoring and analyzing the data.

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