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How to Start a White Label Website Builder Business

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

Ucraft White Label software is the perfect solution for anyone looking to start their own website builder business. It allows you to build great websites for your clients or enable them to do that themselves.

As a designer, freelancer, entrepreneur, domain, or web hosting company, you get an utterly white-labeled website builder platform that you can brand and market any way you want. All you need to do is choose your business model, create your templates, set your pricing, and you are ready to host and sell websites.

How do you get started with this offer?

  1. Choose the package that works best for you: Agency, Partner, or Enterprise.

  2. Get acquainted with the contract and receive an invoice for the first year accordingly.

  3. Sign the contract, realize the payment and become Ucraft Partner.

  4. Afterward, follow our instructions and prepare the list of credentials needed to set up the environment for you on Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Platform, based on the package you have chosen.

  5. Our development team will set up analytics and the DNS zone for you and your clients.

  6. Log in to your Admin Dashboard, the administrative tool which manages accounting, websites, and users for the White Label solution.

  7. Get a personal demo/workshop and corresponding documentation on how to use the tools available.

  • If needed, our team will help you with the APIs to integrate with your company website.

Choosing the best package

  • The Agency package is suitable for designers and small Marketing Agencies.

Let's say you have 100 clients, or you're getting one client per day that needs a website. You want to create something quickly and sell the website instantly. You don't have your team, don't need any specific integrations, and you are okay with what Ucraft has to offer.

Advantages: You get to build client websites on your own branded platform, provide your clients with credentials needed to log in to their sites, and further customize them if need be

  • Partner package is more suitable for freelancers, designers, and web admins.

  • The Enterprise package works for large local digital agencies, domains, and hosting providers with many customers who want to scale their businesses further.

Advantages: You get a fully functioning website builder along with its Restful API to further customize the platform to fit your business vision in terms of both design and functionality. Besides, you can override and extend the core, add new integrations, etc.


We strongly recommend hosting the software on Google Cloud for all the packages since Ucraft has in-depth integrations with GCP.

  • In the Agency and Partner packages, we create a Google Kubernetes instance for your business, host Ucraft White Label software on that instance under your brand. The price also includes the hosting cost for 500 websites.

  • In the Enterprise package case, you create a Google Kubernetes instance for your business, give us the needed accesses, and host the Ucraft White Label software on that instance under your brand name. You own the server; you get full access to Ucraft core to extend, override or integrate it with your APIs.


Admin dashboard is a business tool used to manage your customers and their websites. This dashboard is a different environment, hosted under accounts.yourdomain.com, which will provide you with all the tools needed to create, manage or suspend your clients' websites.

  • Here you can also create new pricing plans, publish/unpublish templates, publish/unpublish public blocks, create new permissions, and more.

Payment Methods

The Ucraft White Label software works with Braintree Payments out of the box, which means you can charge your clients for their websites via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Paypal, and Venmo.

If there is a specific payment method you want to use to charge your clients for their websites, we will be happy to check them out.

  • Please note that we will decide whether we can integrate with that specific payment method and depending on our current load in the Agency and Partner packages. As for the Enterprise package, you have full access to integrating it, whether in-house or through a freelancer.

Business Models

There are two models we recommend you to work with your clients:

  • Enterprise model, where you can design, build, launch and host your client websites using Ucraft White Label software and charge them for your services directly for the initial custom design. For instance, $3000 for a 10-page website and then $10 per month for the hosting.

* Please note that you can set your pricing, so the prices mentioned above are nominal.

  • Pure SaaS model, where you design, build and save public Landing page, website, or eCommerce site templates for your clients to choose from to make their websites on their own under yourdomainname.sitename.com, just like on the Ucraft platform. You can then get paid on a monthly or annual basis for every subscription.

Canceling the White Label Subscription

Ucraft suggests recurring annual subscription plans for both packages, which means that you will be charged yearly on every billing cycle. In case you decide not to go on with our offer anymore, there are two scenarios:

  • For the Agency and Partner packages, we will terminate your servers on Google Cloud and will migrate all your user base to Ucraft, so they will start paying directly to Ucraft (based on the chosen plan) to keep their websites active.

  • You can continue running your copy of Ucraft white label software on your Google Kubernetes instance for the Enterprise package. Still, you will stop receiving the core Ucraft updates to your models and not receive technical support from our team.


As you may know, there are two levels of support.

  1. We provide you with business and technical support for both packages, including any technical issues you might have on your platform.

  2. You provide B2C support to your clients via chat, email, or any other channel for questions like, "How can I change the margin of this block?" or "How can I connect a domain to my website?".

*Please note that we have a well-documented guide that you can use to support your clients on the Ucraft help section.

More questions? Request a personalized demo on our White Label page, and our specialists will be there to cover all of your whys and hows.