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Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

The key to successful website design lies in the structure of your website pages.

Go to Dashboard and select 'Pages' so you can easily add, remove, or rename your pages.

Once you've entered the 'Pages' App, you'll find an overview of your already existing website pages. If you hover over the page, you'll have the option to Edit, Go, Duplicate Page, Set Password, or Delete the page.

The pages are categorized by Main Pages, Secondary Pages, and System Pages. The Main Pages are visible on your site navigation and page menu, while the secondary pages appear when redirected from main pages through internal links.

You can edit the Page Title and Alias, and choose whether you want it to open in the same tab or a new tab selected from the Target option.

Language Switcher\ ​\ Located on the top left corner is the Language Switcher, which allows you to manage the pages designated for each language you have added via the Languages App located on the Dashboard.

The  ‘+’ Icon\ ​\ Click on the ‘+’ icon below or next to the existing pages to create a new Page Blank, Anchor, Heading Page, External Page, Articles, and/or eCommerce page.

Anchor pages are visible in the Navigation of the website and redirect site visitors to a particular point on the page.\ ​Heading pages are also visible on the Navigation Bar, but act like a Header for its subpages.\ ​Article and eCommerce type pages are the ones with the default unremovable corresponding Elements.\ ​External pages are used to add internal links to the website's navigation or elements.

\ ​Published Pages

The blue dot in the upper right corner indicates that the page is Published, but you can revoke this by simply clicking on the dot or using the switcher respectively. It will instantly turn red to show that the page is no longer live.

Homepage Settings

You can't delete the Home page, but you can easily turn any other page into Home by enabling the Homepage switcher.

!Note: You can create up to 3 one-level subpages. If you create new subpages and delete the Main Page they are linked to, the subpages will be deleted as well. Go to Page Settings to remove the subpages before deleting the Main Page in order to keep them.


Using the Duplicate option from the Pages App gives you an option to duplicate pages of a website. However, you must manually duplicate subpages.

Note:  You can't duplicate a page with elements that aren't included in your package. \ ​\ Apart from duplicating pages within your current site, you can duplicate your current site within your Ucraft account.

Password Protection\ ​\ Set passwords on specific pages. From the System Pages Section, you can view your Password Protected Page from your site visitors' perspectives.

Click on the 'Lock' icon, Enable the Password Protect controller, and enter the password in the Set Password field.

You can also make your full site password protected using the Site Setting App on your Dashboard respectively.

After having activated the Password Protection feature for the separate page, your site visitors will see your page like this.

System Pages\ ​\ These are the pages your site visitors see when there's an error or when you've decided to take your site Offline while updating it.

You can create the 404 Page, Offline Page, Legal Pages, and Sign In/Sign Out Required Pages. \ ​

Page Customization\ ​\ You can easily customize the pages through Navigation settings. Simply click between your pages and you'll find a set of options available. Just select Edit Navigation and use the controllers to change the layout, mode and more.\ ​\ For example, if you change the Mode, your pages will be shown in the Burger format.

Click on the 'Burger Icon' and the pages will appear on the right side of your screen.

The system automatically generates the drop-down Burger menu for the mobile view. To adjust the Burger menu icon for the mobile view, switch the menu mode from Standard to Burger, apply the desired changes to the menu icon, and switch it back to Standard. \ ​\ If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support, 24/7.