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Plans and Subscriptions

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023


Configuring the Subscription Plans on your workspace is another essential step when setting up your platform.

To launch your custom pricing model, move to the Admin Panel on your PAYGO workspace and opt for the Plans tab. Here, you will be provided with pre-installed plans, which you can edit depending on your business model.

Hover over one of the plans to "View" or expand to see the "Edit" Site Package fields.

Enter the Name that will appear once the package is chosen by your users and define the Price for the subscription.

Alias is used to identify the Package for the website and is set by default according to the Package Type. smth like we recommend it should be identical to or higher than the pricing set by Ucraft.

Billing frequency comes by default and is set per annual subscription.

Make sure to hit Update the Plan to save the changes.

Please note, that advanced customization options like adding a Trial Period for the subscriptions, marking plans as Recommended or Most Popular, offering Money Back or setting feature restrictions are available under White Label Solution.


Move to the Subscriptions tab under Plans to see the full list of your current subscriptions and monitor information like Site Package, User Details, Status, Next Billing Date, etc.