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Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

Handle all of your site settings in one place with the Site Settings App!

Head over to your Dashboard located on the Left Panel, and select the Site Settings App. The Site Settings App is divided into sections like 'Basic' and 'Code Injection'.

Basic Settings

This section includes the basic settings of your website, like Site Offline, Site Versioning and Caching, Site Name, Logo, Favicon, etc.

Site Offline

While completing your site, set it offline so users don't visit an uncompleted site.

Password Protect

Password protects your site. This option becomes available once the Site Offline switch is enabled. Navigate to the Pages App → System Pages →Password Protected →Edit to edit the Password Protected Page.

Site Versioning

Connect your website to your custom domain. If the site versioning option is enabled, your website changes won't appear on your domain unless you use the Publish function.

Site Caching

Significant reduction in server lag. When enabled, it will automatically save your website's data to ensure fast loading for the following entries.

Site Name

By default, the site name is generated from the subdomain name you initially used to create your website. However, you can change them both later on.

Show Site Name In Titles

You can choose whether to show your site name before or after the page name. There is even an option to hide the site name from the browser tab.

Edit Mode Language

Here you can choose the language of the Edit Mode of your site. Currently, Ucraft supports English, Russian, Armenian, Japanese, Chinese, and French.

Tablet Mode Display

Since you can create desktop and mobile versions of your website, you can choose the tablet mode display. Meaning, when accessing the website through a tablet device, it can either be shown as on mobile or desktop.

Public Mode Language Detection

This feature gives you the option to set the built-in text for visitors to see as the site's default language, the visitor's browser language, or based on the visitor's IP address. A custom domain is required for this feature.


The timezone is automatically detected during website creation. Edit the timezone while working with Elements such as Countdown. Your website timezone can affect your Element timing.

WebP Support

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless compression for images on the website. Once the WebP Support is enabled and you upload a new image, it converts it to a webp format for better page performance and reduces the page load time by 50-80%.

After enabling Webp Support, you can also adjust the Image Quality and choose a compression percentage below.

Site Logo

The site logo is the image displayed on your website and is previewed through the Logo Element. You can change it anytime from this section or directly through the element. There is a restriction for uploading images up to 5MB.

Logo for Mobile

The logo on mobile is the same as the desktop logo by default. However, you can have a different logo for the mobile version of your website, both in size and design.

Site Favicon

It's the icon that appears on your browser tab located next to the site name. The optimal size for creating a favicon is 16x16 pixels; however, they can sometimes appear in larger dimensions, too, such as 32x32 pixels.

Mobile Touch Icon

This icon is used when visitors bookmark your web page or add it to their home screen via mobile device. This functionality is currently available for iOS devices only.

Show loading page

Once enabled, you can upload a loading page animation or an image that shows the progress of the loading process. Supported formats are GIF, SVG, PNG. You can also choose a Loading page background color below.\ ​

Code Injection

Add HTML tags in the 'Code Injection' section.

!Note: You can add CSS and Javascript codes to your website, as long as they include the HTML tags.

Fill the appropriate fields with the desired tags and click 'Save.' Keep in mind that the codes added in the Code Injection section apply to the entire site. The codes will go live once you've connected a Custom Domain to your Ucraft website.\ ​\ If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chatbox, located in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support 24/7.