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Square POS (Point of Sale)

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Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

With the Square POS application, you can now sell anywhere. Your eCommerce App and Square will automatically update your inventory and order data across online and offline channels so you can track your digital and physical sales together.

  • Keep in mind that the Square POS integration is only available to merchants in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and UK.

Connecting with Square POS

First, you can connect your eCommerce App with a Square POS system to track both online or offline inventory and sales. To do so,

  1. Go to the edit mode of your site → Dashboard → eCommerce App → All Sales Channels → Square → click Sync Inventory next to the POS section.

  2. You will then be redirected to a new window where you can sign into your Square Account.

  3. Click allow for all the required permissions and you're set!

Updating Catalog

With the Unlimited plan, you have the ability to make synchronization of your online and offline retail store easy. While the initial import is Automatica, the Unlimited plan will help you manually sync updates to your Catalog.

Importing Products from Square

If you already have a store on Square and want to import your products, you can do so by going to the edit mode of your Ucraft site → Dashboard → eCommerce App → All Sales Channel Square → click Import Products from Square on the bottom left of the page.

Your products will then be transferred to your eCommerce App with updated stock levels. In addition, the Import from Square options transfers the following product details from Square to your eCommerce App on Ucraft.

  • SKU (if there is no SKU for a Square products, your eCommerce App will set its Square product ID as the SKU)

  • Name

  • Price

  • Stock Level

  • Weight

  • Image

  • Description

  • Options with titles and price modifiers

  • Variations

  • Category

Please keep in mind that even though product stock levels sync automatically, any changes to other product details from Square POS, including prices, names, options, etc., require a manual update. To do so:

  1. Go to your eCommerce App → Catalog → Products

  2. Delete the product you wish to update from the Catalog

  3. Go to All Sales Channel → Square

  4. Hit Import Products from Square to launch the product details sync.

  • If you delete a product in Square and don't want to sell it in your Ucraft online store, you have to remove it from your eCommerce App manually.

Exporting Products from Ucraft eCommerce App

If you create new products from your eCommerce App, you can transfer them to your Square system to sell the products at your retail outlet. To do so, go to your Ucraft site → Dashboard → eCommerce App → All Sales Channels → Square → hit the Export Products on the bottom right.

The Export Toll will then transfer the following product details from your eCommerce App on Ucraft to Square:

  • SKU

  • Name

  • Price

  • Stock Level

  • Weight

  • Description

  • Options

  • Variations

  • Category

Once again, keep in mind that while product stick levels will be synced automatically, any changes to product details from your eCommerce App will require a manual update. To do so:

  1. Go to your Square Dashboard Items

  2. Delete the Product you wish to update from your Catalog

  3. Go back to your eCommerce Dashboard All Sales Channels Square

  4. Hit the Export Products to start the product details sync.

Setting Up Location for Pickup Orders

If you provide pickup options from several locations, synchronization between online pickup orders and retail location in Square POS is crucial. You need to assign a pickup location for each pickup option from your eCommerce App. To do so, simply go to your Dashboard → eCommerce App → Shipping & Pickup → Add In store Pickup.

Afterwards, configure the pickup option by entering a name, instructions for the customer and a pickup date. Then, select the desires store address from your list of active locations specified in Square's Dashboard.

Finally, Add Pickup Option. Now, when a customers chooses a pickup option at checkout, their order will be associated with the corresponding business location in your Square Dashboard.

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