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Last updated on Jul 11, 2024

To start with your PayGo Workspace and provide your customers with ready-made designs that they can use to create websites, you need to add templates to your platform.

Ucraft offers flexible PayGo packages that come with predefined plans and specific limitations on the number of sites, templates, etc.

Once you’ve generated your PayGo workspace on Ucraft, you will have all the needed tools to create and publish new templates.

*Note: All new templates (including the ones you import) should be created as ordinary websites on Paygo platforms while logged in as an Admin/ Tester user.

Your workspace will have predefined templates from each category, which you can replace.

*Note: Make sure to remove the templates you don't want before they are used for a website creation on your platform. Templates with a usage of 1 are not eligible for removal.

Move to My Sites section logged in with your Admin or Tester Account and hit ‘Create a new website’.

Start from scratch by choosing a Blank Template to create a website.

Once created, the website will be automatically added to the site section on your Admin Dashboard. Find the website among the existing ones using the search tool and opt for Save as Template. The website will be added to the Templates section on the Left Panel.

Hit the Edit button, enable Visibility and make changes to the Name, Description, etc.

*Note: This information will be available when displaying the template.

Fill in the Alias. The Demo URL should be the initial website's URL which you have created to be saved as a Template.

Once you fill in the Demo URL field, the system will automatically generate a 'Preview' button on a Template.

*Note: Before you create a Demo website for each of the imported Templates and replace it, the Demo URLs will take your users to Ucraft Templates Preview.

*Note: Navigate to the Sites section and edit the Demo website’s Package to Lifetime for the Demo website not to expire. Don't forget to enable the Demo mode checkbox to add the 'Use This Template' button to Template's Preview mode.

Select the 'Template Tag' from the existing ones or create a new Tag from the next section. The tag stands for the categories the templates are divided into, e.g. eCommerce, Personal, Business, Restaurants. etc.

Choose the ‘Template Type’ from the dropdown. It determines which package it belongs to.

*Note: The system already has the following default Template Types: Starter, Builder, eCommerce, but you can add new types and assign them to different packages from the 'Template Types' section.

To make your template public for all your users, head over to the 'Templates' view and make it global.

Override Global Template allows you to make changes to the already existing templates. First, you need to make changes on the Template's website, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → Sites section and click the Override Global Template button next to the website. Now all you need to do is select the Template from the dropdown.

Action will remove the template completely.

*Note: In case the Template is used by at least 1 website, it cannot be removed from the database. In order to remove it, you need to reset the Template for each website, built with the 'affected' Template.

Add the Templates Element to display the Templates on your website and customize it from the settings. Template Tags Element shows template categories you have added. Please note, if there are no Templates that belong to a tag, the tag won't be shown.

Make sure to fetch the Tags and Templates after adding new ones to your platform.

How to Import Templates on your Platform

Adding pre-designed Templates to your PayGo model may significantly help your users when building their websites. You have an option to import the Templates designed by Ucraft Team or create new ones on your own.

Please note, all new templates and template demos should be created as ordinary websites on Paygo platforms while logged in as the Tester user.

How to import a Template created by Ucraft

Please follow these steps to Import Templates created by Ucraft designers:

  1. Navigate to the Templates section on the Left Panel, click the Import Templates button and Select a Template you want to import. You can search for a Template by name, if you are looking for a particular one, or Preview a Template before importing it.

2. Once imported, the Template will become available under the Templates section. You can edit all the information on Template, including where the Template name, category and Type.

3. You then need to navigate to your website, create flow and choose that Template to create a Template Demo website. We suggest using demo-templatename.mysite.com to create Demo sites.

When Templates are imported, their Previews lead to Ucraft Templates, as your Platform doesn’t have demo websites for your templates yet.

*Note: We suggest creating a free hidden Ecommerce Plan, to create Demo Websites for Ecommerce Templates.

4. Now navigate to the Admin Dashboard > Resources> Sites > Edit Site.

Check the Demo Mode checkbox to enable the Product Badge for your Template, and the Allow Prohibited Elements to show the elements, which do not show through subdomains.

5. The final step would be copying the Demo Site Url and pasting it in the appropriate field for the Template. Once you do that a Preview button will appear for that Template on the Templates Element.