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Title and Paragraph Elements

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Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

The impact made by a thoughtful and descriptive text shouldn't be underestimated, so take your time to choose the right titles for your website.

Title Element

To add a title, simply drag and drop the 'Title Element' from the left tool panel's Elements section to your crafting area. Once added, double click to change the text. You can customize your element using the Text Editor that shows up above.

Here are the features we want to draw your attention to:

  • To change your Heading sizes head over to Designer Tools App > Typography.

  • To add new fonts to your font list go to Dashboard > Fonts App.

  • You can select a specific part of the text and change its color, size and add a link.

To remove all the customizations of your text elements, simply click on the Clear formatting Icon on the very right. If you want to delete it, you hit the trash icon or Delete button on your keyboard to remove it.

You'll find options to make the Title ‘Bold’ (B), ‘Italic’ (I), ‘Underline’ (U) or 'Strikethrough' (S̶).

Options include a Capitalization tool, there you can select from lowercase, UPPERCASE and Title Case formats. It supports text's upper and lower cases, along with a title case option that simply capitalizes the first letter of every word.

Change the space between letters or the lines, highlight the text and opt for 'Letter Spacing’ or ‘Line Height’.

To emphasize your text use the ‘Text Color’ tool and select the desired color shade, or click the palette icon in the bottom right of the window to create a Custom Color with the help of the Color Picker.

Click on the 'Background Color' option next to it and choose the color that you need, or create a Custom Color with the help of the Color Picker accordingly.

TIP: Don't forget to hit the Mark icon to save your recent text changes.

You can also set the text tabulation to ‘Left’, ‘Center’ or ‘Right’.

To add a link to your Text element, click the ‘Link’ icon and input your URL address, be it Internal, External or Anchor. To link an Internal page, write down /pagename as seen in the Alias of your page (regulated in the Pages App). In case of External links just fill in the link, or write down 'mailto:' or 'tel:' for direct emails and clickable phone numbers.\ ​\ Once you're done, click ‘Save’ to have all changes saved! To remove the link, highlight the text and click the ‘Unlink’ icon.

You can also display the text in quotation format by hitting the Blockquote icon**.**

Paragraph Element

To improve your site with interactive texts, simply navigate to the Element's section, then drag and drop the 'Paragraph Element' to your crafting area.

Once added, double clicking on the element will open the text editor the same manner in the previous example.

You can also insert Image, Media and Table in your text by opting for the appropriate sections.

To decrease or increase the indent click on the respectful icons, to add a numbered or bullet list opt for the icons next to it.

Always know we're just a step away! Hit the Chat box in the lower right corner and our Support Team will be glad to assist you!