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Last updated on Dec 26, 2023

Are you thinking about taking your personal brand/business online or launching an eCommerce store?

Ucraft is a drag and drop Free Website Builder that provides web designers, freelancers, marketers or entrepreneurs a set of web design tools to start their next project.

You can create a responsive and SEO-friendly landing page or a professional-looking multipage website, edit and customize the content and even connect your own domain for free with no coding or design skills.

You'll find functional designer templates to choose from along with plenty of successful projects for more inspiration.

We also update our blog regularly to bring you the latest insight on SEO, Marketing and Design.

We recommend watching this Introductory Video Tutorial as a quick tour on the platform.

To Get Started:

  1. Hit the 'Start Crafting' button on our Homepage.

  2. Choose your website type: Free Website or eCommerce Website: Pro Website, Pro Shop or Unlimited.

  3. Make sure to scroll down and check out all the plans and their features.

  4. Find a **template **that best suits your needs. Keep in mind, that you can further edit and style it the way you want once you're in the Edit Mode.

  5. Choose a subdomain (i.e. yoursitename.ucraft.site)

!Note: Ucraft provides you with a free .ucraft.site subdomain, but you can connect your custom domain for free or purchase a new one from your Domain App.

6.  If you're new to Ucraft, you can 'Sign Up' for free using your Facebook or Google accounts, or by simply entering your email and password. If you already have a Ucraft account, opt for 'Sign In' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Edit Mode

Once you've completed the above-mentioned steps, the system will automatically generate a new website and you'll be redirected to your website's Edit Mode.

You can access the live version of your site via your Public Mode URL, which can be shared on social networks, sent to your friends directly, or even submitted to Google Search.

  • Public Mode URL example: yoursitename.ucraft.site

!Note: Ucraft is not being tested on Internet Explorer, so we don't guarantee a 100% website performance on this browser. We highly recommend switching to Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. to avoid any technical issues.

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The Edit Mode Basics ​Sign Up and Sign In ​ If you have any questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box in the lower right corner, available 24/7.