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How to Integrate Hoory into Your Website

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Jul 11, 2024

Automating Customer Support With Hoory

Hoory is an AI-Powered Assistant designed to help businesses automate and enhance their customer support experience. It can be easily embedded into any website, providing users with 24/7 assistance and fast resolutions.

Thanks to AI, Hoory can crawl an entire website, grow its Knowledge Base and share information about your business in human-like conversations. Its main features include a smart Inbox that records all interactions with your Assistant. This is where you can train Hoory alongside your team, customize it to match your brand, and uncover customer behaviour insights.

Steps to Integrate Hoory

1. Sign Up - After signing up, you will be directed to the Workspace creation Wizard, where you can start setting up and customizing your Assistant:

2. Name your Assistant - You can change your Assistant's name any way you like. If you can’t make up your mind, pick something random, or simply stick to Hoory. You can always return to rename it by accessing the Account > Settings section.

3. Customize the Widget - Choose the gender and color of your Widget. You can modify it to match your business’s identity.

4. Create an account - If you haven't previously created an account, simply fill in your details, or sign in with a Google account.

5. Start the free trial - This is where you will be asked to choose a membership plan. There are three options:

  • Personal
  • Basic
  • Pro

Each pricing plan includes different features. Consult the Pricing options to find the most suitable plan for your business. Next, fill in your bank details, set a billing frequency, and start your trial.

The next step would be training your Assistant. To learn more about this feature, check out the guide on How to Train Your Assistant.

6. Embed your Widget - With the Assistant all set up, it’s time to embed the Widget into your website. You can either use a uniquely generated code to do so or enter the Hoory Slug in your website's Integrations App.

  • Implementing Hoory through a custom embed code\ ​\ Copy and paste the provided code before the closing tag ( ) of the HTML of any page you want the Widget to be displayed on. Please check the Embed Code: Set Up Hoory on Your Website guide for a detailed description of this process.\ ​\ ​Note: Embedding code for logged-out users and visitors differs from logged-in users. For logged-in users, you should provide the user attributes in the code. It is necessary to provide user information in the respective fields of the embed code. The method of retrieving user information is dependent on your website.

  • Implementing Hoory through the Integrations App\ ​\ Another easy way to implement Hoory into your website is by copy-pasting your Hoory Workspace URL's Slug in the Integrations App found on your Ucraft Dashboard.

    \ After finalizing your Workspace creation in the Hoory Wizard, the system generates a Workspace URL, f.e. business.hoory.com/testing-hoory is the Workspace URL, while testing-hoory is the slug.

    \ Simply copy your Hoory Slug, paste it in the appropriate field in Ucraft's Integrations App > Hoory section and click Connect.\ ​

Finally, consult the following Wizard Guide if you wish to learn more about setting up and customizing an Assistant.

If you have any questions, we recommend checking out the Guides collection for an in-depth description of each step. Alternatively, feel free to contact a support team member at [email protected] or book a free demo.