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Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

My Sites section will help you keep track of the websites you've created yourself or the ones that you've been invited to collaborate on via Team App.

Easily access all your sites by hovering over your profile icon in the upper right of the Ucraft Homepage and choosing My Sites from the drop-down menu.

You'll find your websites grouped in two tabs: My Sites and Invited, based on your role.

Check the upper right corner of every website to see its status: Active, Trial Active or Expired.\ ​

My Sites Settings

You can order your websites by Last Accessed or Creation Date or use the search functionality to find a specific site.

Hover over your websites to find options to Edit, View, Duplicate or Delete them**.** The option to Leave is available for Invited sites only.


Click Edit to access your website's Edit Mode and begin customizing it.


The Preview option shows how your site looks in Public View.


This option enables cloning your website under a new subdomain name if you need to create an identical one.

!Note: Duplicating sites are available only for active websites. According to our Terms and Conditions, you'll start a new website subscription based on the plan you've started your initial website with.

Deleting Your Website

Deleting your website will remove your website from our database, and it will no longer be available online. This option allows you to delete a trial or expired site. However, you can't remove a website with an active subscription.

You can cancel your active website subscription at any time:

  • Option 1: Contact our Support Team via Live Chat to request to delete your active website.

  • Option 2: Disable the auto-renew feature to let your site expire.

According to our Terms and Conditions, websites will be permanently deleted from our database within 30 days of:

  • The trial period's expiration, if the service is not eventually purchased by the user or

  • the expiration of the subscription if it isn't renewed. Click here for more information regarding our Terms and Conditions.


If you decide to leave the site you've been invited to collaborate on, you'll no longer have access to the website's Edit Mode. Therefore, you will not be able to make further changes as a Designer, Editor, Admin, Marketer or Owner.

Create a new website

Click Create a new website and choose the desired template from your preferred category: Free Websites or eCommerce Pro Websites, Pro Shops, Unlimited websites.

\ ​

For more information, check out the Managing Your Sites YouTube Video Tutorial to help you keep track of your websites.

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