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Getting Started with PayGo

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023

Ucraft PayGo model allows partners to launch a white-labeled website builder business under their brand and domain name on a per-site basis.

The flexible pricing packages let you build websites and online stores on a per-site basis, and the more sites you create, the less you pay.

To get started, navigate to the Ucraft Pricing page, switch to ‘Branded’ and opt for the PayGo plan that best fits your business model.

With each plan, you’ll get to:

  • launch a website builder under your brand and domain name

  • manage all your clients and websites via the admin dashboard

  • set your own pricing on top of the plans available at Ucraft

  • import ready-made templates or create your custom ones

  • eCommerce App to create online stores

Once you proceed with the checkout and fill in the required information, the system will automatically generate a new instance for your workspace to be hosted on.

You'll start a new subscription, which will appear under your Account > Subscriptions.

When done with the payment, you will receive a Get Started email with all the useful links and information to proceed with the setup process.

After the successful setup, you’ll be able to access the General Settings of your Admin Dashboard, the administrative tool you’ll use to manage your workspace.

Admin Dashboard

General settings section contains all the general information on your platform: number of registrations, new and expired sites, etc.

Users section helps you manage all users signed up to your PayGo workspace and track each new registration.

Sites section lets you monitor website statuses, edit and save them as public templates.

Domains section shows all the domains connected to your websites or purchased via your workspace.

Plans and subscriptions section allows you to set up pricing plans available to your users and track your user subscription statuses.

Templates enables creating, importing and saving new templates.

The Dashboard window displays the overall analytics happening on your workspace, including the number of daily registrations, renewals, etc., along with the financial data like the income, spendings and profit. The limit for spendings can be set from the General Settings > Budget field.

The spendings indicate the total cost of websites you or your customers have created on your platform, which will be deducted from your Account at the end of each month.

My Workspace

You can access all the websites you have created on your workspace directly from your Admin Dashboard by clicking My Workspace on the top left.

All the PayGo packages come with a pre-designed Main Site template that you can use to build your public website. If you need any help building your main website, you can use our Help Section articles.

For a better understanding of how the Ucraft "Pay as you go" model works, we recommend going through the Paygo Knowledge Base Section or reaching out to Ucraft Customer Success Team via 24/7 live chat in the lower right.


Ucraft Team